Bike lights (back)

41422652410_9bc5c57e88_o.jpgThey say that a flashing light catches motor vehicle drivers’ attention more than a continual light (although, frankly, you’re sh*t outta luck if a driver is impaired or distracted, but that’s where route selection, some other hazard-avoidance techniques, and advocating for safe and separated access at your local city hall come into play. You can find out more about all of that in my classes.)

In this photo of my bike, Attica, you can see the back light I use any time I ride, day or night. It’s ultra bright, rechargeable, extra wide, and comes with several settings, including both a slow and fast flashing setting. It also installs tool-free with a little rubber strap, which makes it a breeze to switch from bike to bike and to remove if I’m concerned it may get stolen when I stop to support local businesses. I carry it with me even if I intend to ride a bikeshare bike because sometimes the built-in lights on them don’t work and if it’s getting dark, it’s dangerous and illegal without the back light. (I can hook it around my purse strap if the bikeshare bike’s design doesn’t make it easy to hook onto.) Click the photo below to order yours.

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