Cork handlebar tape

37379903796_38dab0fa07_oYes, I’m pro cork. In fact, the first time (just a few years ago) that I rewrapped a bike’s handlebars since I was twelve years old, I purchased a cork-based handlebar tape that made me feel good because of that whole traipsing-through-the-cork-forests-and-factories-of-Portugal investigative journalism thing I did a few years ago. (If interested, see here.)

Over time, I loved the feel and performance of it so much I used the same product again the next time it was needed (see YouTube for short videos on how to actually wrap your bars) — and I’ll use it again when wear and tear from laying my bike on the ground, bashing it into this and that, tossing it in and out of the car, and leaning it up too harshly against murals catches up with me once more. (If interested, see my mural photos here.)

Cork is a fully-sustainable product (harvesting it is like sheering sheep — the tree is not cut down), with mind-blowing features such as naturally antimicrobial and fire-resistant. Plus it’s lightweight, buoyant and soft. So soft. I feel like I’m gripping a cushiony feather bed when I ride my bike now. It’s a little gift I give to myself, and the world. Saving the cork forests through the purchase of products like this can actually help save one of the top ten biodiversity hotspots-in-peril on the planet. Maybe you’ll even want to pop a cork in celebration of that (tip: buying wine with cork instead of non-sustainable screw caps is a small thing you can do to make a positive difference). Oh, and all this joy and goodness is yours for just twelve bucks. Click the photo below to purchase the Original Pro Cork handlebar product I bought, use, and love:

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