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fullsizeoutput_1e65.jpegGranted, I don’t invest very much in anything “cyclist” because that’s just not how I see myself as a bike rider. However, when Attica’s rubber brake hoods (where I usually rest my hands while riding) ripped off (they were original to this circa-1989 Schwinn LeTour that had been in my attic for twenty years*), I had trouble finding replacements. Thus, my hands were hurting when riding while leaning forward on the exposed metal, so I broke down about six months ago and got these cycling gloves for like ten bucks or so. They are specifically sized for women and children, and come in both fingertip and fingertip-free options.

I chose this design because it fits in with the branding for my Pedal Power with Pattie classes, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have them to show as an option of something you can use while riding. Turns out I love them (even after I got the new brake hoods) as they make my hands feel great (they’re padded!) when I’m Traveling at the Speed of Bike on my road bike more than ten miles or so, especially combined with the soft and pillowy cork handlebar tape.

So, yes, I’m a convert to cycling gloves. Plus, they come in lots of designs (click photo below to see the options from which I got to choose, and to order your own) so it’s a fun way to share a little bit of your personality while out and about. I keep them in a bag on my back rack for when I need them, and they’re a little pleasant surprise every time I remember they are there.

Tap in every day this month for posts about every product in my “Pedal Power with Pattie”-Approved Shop. Hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike!

* Click below to hear the story of when Attica came down from the attic (from Chapter Two: The Bike in the Attic in Traveling at the Speed of Bike)


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