The global headquarters of CARE is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Its CEO is Michelle Nunn. I would like to one day work for her. In fact, I recently wrote that in my required updated Aspiration Statement provided to Peace Corps Uganda (for which I am still scheduled to leave in June 2020, although I expect that to be delayed or even cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis — if interested, see my recent post about that).

This photo is from when I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike to a meeting about women’s mortality at the CARE headquarters in October, 2019, to which I was invited by my friend Betty Londergan (who is the mastermind behind this astounding series for Heifer International). Betty is a member of CARE’s Women’s Network, which is a powerhouse group of women doing enormous good.

Note: CARE just posted a policy brief about gender implications of COVID-19. It’s a must-read.

In addition to bike education and food-growing know-how, I offer professional writing skills with a particular passion for all aspects of triple-bottom-line sustainability, and I am here to help. As always, I trust the journey.