What can I offer?

And so, with everything happening and with need being great and constant, I ask myself yet again while Traveling at the Speed of Bike: What can I offer my country-in-crisis? How can I be effective and use the non-renewable resource of time with which we’ve all been gifted in a positive way? 

I am using this blog post today to recommit to what I have identified as my callings over the past number of years. These actions have consistently put me shoulder-to-shoulder with a wide variety of people in ways that are authentic to me, and I trust they will continue to do so. My motto is “Trust the Journey” and so I trust that you and I who are meant to cross paths or work together in some way to build a better world will do so. If this message resonates with you, and your need aligns with what I have to offer (see below), you can reach me here.

Bike Skills: Bikes change lives, and bike education can help save them. In addition to teaching a free basic bike skills class for teen girls and women in person and in the first bike skills class delivered via text in the world, I will be releasing my proprietary content (adapted from the League of American Bicycles’ Smart Cycling curriculum, which I am certified to teach, plus research and lived experience specific to girls and women in public spaces) in both a downloadable PDF and a video in the near future so that it is accessible in whatever form you desire. You may also find these Bonus Resources useful.

Food Growing: Access to fresh, healthy food (and the knowledge and community gained as a result) matters. I have lots to share on that, if anyone is interested. I have personally started home, community, food pantry, homeless shelter, school (including for refugee children-of-war), arts-based, and other organic food-producing gardens. During this pandemic, I also re-started a Sharing Garden for my neighborhood, which is turning out to have a positive ripple effect. I will create a Sharing Garden template in the near future for anyone who may find it helpful.

Street Photography:  I will not stop bearing witness to what I think is wrong and disinfecting it in the sunshine of truth.

Writing/Project Management: Thoughtful storytelling and leading the projects that people say can’t be done have served as the cruz of my career. If my Peace Corps departure is delayed beyond September, I may start looking for a different path forward and am particularly interested in companies and organizations committed to doing good. If interested, here is my LinkedIn profile.

Note: I try to center Civil Rights and Social Justice in everything I do, but I have much to learn. Here is where I’m at, and here is a Justice in June Google doc that I am using to learn more.