“Raise a glass to freedom!”

As COVID-19 explodes across the USA and our need to isolate ourselves skyrockets, you can still “raise a glass to freedom” (as they say in Hamilton*) and feel free as a bird while staying connected to your community (and the world at large) when you ride a bike.

I’m continuing to trust the journey while Traveling at the Speed of Bike and am taking a #LeapOfFaith daily (including all these leaps around the largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the southeastern United States yesterday).


Join me in the joy of bike riding from metro Atlanta via small-group socially-distanced class, or from wherever you are in the USA:

Or feel free to email me any questions you may have about barriers that may be keeping you from getting on (or back on) bike, or just to share your story.

And let’s fly together in the face of this disaster.

And, by the way, I wasn’t planning on renewing my business license (for the first time in 25 years) because I was supposed to leave for Peace Corps Uganda June 4 and had turned down all new business starting in January so I could prepare for that. But I’m delayed for at least a year due to the global pandemic, and so my bike ride yesterday took me (between leaps) to City Hall to hand in my renewal form. (I ran into the mayor and had a nice chat, which was fortuitous.)


Thus, I’m open for business again. Now, what articles should I pitch, and to whom?! (Here are some of my published articles, if interested.) Or is there another way that my proven passion and professional experience could be helpful to an organization doing good (maybe even yours) as we leap into the unknown? Those are fun questions about which to think on my next ride — between leaps . . . (or feel free to throw an opportunity into my path, especially the ones you consider impossible — I tend to rise to the occasion of those).

* See also Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Tells Your Story?