Schedule for the Rest of This Surreal Year

It was cold and pouring rain and I was in my car with my bike in the back (as usual). But I didn’t have Ponchy so I just sat there in the parking lot for a solid hour and a half watching the surrealist painting of a playground through the windshield in front of me, for reasons I don’t even know.

Yes, I do know.

I’m tired.

This year has been surreal.

It’s almost time for a break.

Therefore, my Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor schedule between now and December 16 (which is the date of the last already-full class I’m offering this year), is to simply finish the stuff I didn’t finish last week (although I did do a lot of what I intended to do, but new things kept happening).

In separate efforts, I’d also like to present my favorite 2020 street photography, taken while Traveling at the Speed of Bike (see faves from previous years below). And I want to do a year-end post on Food for My Daughters, as it’s been a stunning year for growing food — and community, thanks to the Sharing Garden. And then I’ll do some final Peace post (here was last year’s).

Finally — in the quiet that is Christmas 2020, the Silent Night on Spotify, and the starry night outside under which I keep saying I’m going to sit but don’t — it will be time for gratitude about this crazy year, in-depth in-person and virtual time with loved ones, and meditative thought about 2021. I may even reread Bucket List for inspiration 🙂

Thank you all for tapping in and joining me on the journey. Join me for another week and a half, and then let’s keep trusting it to take us where we are most needed during the nonrenewable resource of time we’ve each been gifted in this thing we call life.

Here are some street photography faves from previous years:

2018 street photography/Pattie Baker
2017 street photography/Pattie Baker
2015 street photography/Pattie Baker
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