“We Share a Lot of Common Things”

When I snapped the group photo (which captured just one of the two screens full of warm faces) from the monthly global Zoom meeting for bicycle mayors today, I also caught one person’s typed comment, and it perfectly represents the underlying takeaway.

We share a lot of common things.

This was clear when we gathered collectively to hear about the bicycle mayors in Cyprus, Greece, and India collaborating on a placemaking project, and then when we broke out into three smaller groups — the Americas, India, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) to each share a success from this year and calls-to-action for 2021.

We want to collaborate more, share resources, and continue to legitimize the role this pro-bono individual catalyst position plays in almost 110 cities around the world.

We’re excited about the Foro Mundial de la Bicicleta (World Bicycle Forum) in Rosario in Argentina in September 2021; as well as the new administration in the USA with a potential for forward movement on infrastructure, equity, and climate change.

We’re as inspired by cities with dozens of years of Open Streets success as those that just added kilometers of pop-up lanes due to COVID-19.

And we’re all trying in our own unique ways to make a small difference in this world we share.

There’s not much more you can ask of a person right now.

Including me.

So it’s time to take a break for a few weeks.

I’m actually working on a middle-grade children’s chapter book named Slow Duck Crossing (inspired by an incident that happened while I was teaching two girls to ride bikes recently). It’s about who gets to occupy space; when; where; why; and how — and who gets to decide that. (You can read the beginning here.) And it needs my slowing down right now as we cross from one year to the next in order to hear and tell its story.

Read the beginning of Slow Duck Crossing here

FYI, I’ve decided to skip the creation and sharing of my usual year-end street photography collage. It’s just too soon for a look back on this particular year.

And so, I wish you peace this holiday season, and beyond. 2020 has been a ride.

Trust the journey,


League Cycling Instructor #5382

Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor