Start Your Day the Fun Way

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I have some big, exciting stories for you this week. In the meantime, let’s kick off this glorious morning the fun way.

Sunrise by the power lines, traveling by your own power

And, of course, a reminder to take a leap of faith that together we can build a better world (where it doesn’t require a leap of faith to ride your bike safely — I continue to set goals for my dreams).

Leap of Faith on a cycle track in a city at a crossroads

If interested, see more bike tips and inspiration on TikTok here, and follow along, duet, stitch, and share on TikTok @pedalpowerwithpattie.

Trust the journey,


Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor

League Cycling Instructor #5382


Thank you for your support. 100% of proceeds from the sale of my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, as well as my original-art Artsy Bike Face Mask, are used to help more women and girls ride bikes.

Also, there’s a bib! You can order it here. See an adorable baby modeling it here. (Reminder: Kids don’t wait. They grow up. You can’t “feel like a kid again” when you ride a bike for the rest of your life . . . if you didn’t ride a bike as a kid. The time for change is now.)

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