2-Month Update as Your Bicycle Mayor

So I’m two months in as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, representing the 10-county region including and surrounding the City of Atlanta. As promised at the end of each month, here are updates on my three identified goals, below*.

My focus for November was the Metro Atlanta region as a whole. My focus for December was the City of Atlanta. Starting in January, I go county-by-county alphabetically according to this schedule. See many more posts (including 7 Low-Hanging-Fruit Actions Cities Can Take; Dear Metro Atlanta Mayors and County CEOS; UPS Announces Global No-Parking-in-Bike Lanes Policy; and The Joy Campaign!) by dropping down my Traveling at the Speed of Bike rabbit hole.

Goal 1. Shine a light on the people making it more welcoming to ride bikes.

Meet Greg Masterson

Meet Marjon Manitius

Meet Byron Rushing

Meet Creighton Bryan

Meet Betsy Eggers and Jack Honderd

Jon’s Leap of Faith

A Second(er) or Two about Why You’re Needed

Meet Matt (Today’s Nice Stranger)

Also, seven of the 31 women featured in my “You Go, Girl!” series (which I wrote to help heal after surviving a hit-and-run) are from Metro Atlanta: Paige Metzger, Robyn Elliott, Amanda Clay, Nadya Dhadiala, Timberley Jones, Shanequa Gay, and Maria Borowik.

Goal 2. Encourage more people to become Bicycle Mayors of their cities or counties.

To date, I don’t know of anyone in Metro Atlanta who is considering or who has applied (although I have been contacted and had conversations with at least three other people across the USA). Here is the process, broken down into steps. People representing marginalized communities are specifically encouraged.

If anyone is interested and would like to chat about it, please feel free to contact me. In addition to donating eight hours a week pro bono on identified goals, bicycle mayors also participate in monthly global meetings and collaborative projects, such as the recent joint statement across the Americas on the World Day of Remembrance.

Goal 3. Create and share routes throughout the region that are low-stress and welcoming to all, and teach bike skills to more women and girls.

See all my routes to date here, which include photos, commentary, and downloadable cue cards. One will be added each month, county-by-county throughout Metro Atlanta specific to this schedule as best as possible during COVID-19.

In addition to a free proprietary class I created and offer online via both daily text and downloadable PDF (from the Smart Cycling curriculum I’m certified to teach, with additional lived and learned experience), I offer one free in-person class a month (masked and distanced). See links below to the students I served during these first two months as your Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor. There have been many before this.

Plus, I taught my proprietary 5-session course to two girls in Clarkston. I’m hoping to template it (to add to the general teen girls/women course and the seniors-on-trikes template previously created).

My free class slot in January for a teen girl or woman is still open. I especially love teaching girls and women who have come to the United States as refugees-of-war. I am also open to teaching a woman who is a mayor or city councilor, as the power in her hands to save lives is huge. Contact me to schedule.

Meet Diana

Meet the Girls in Clarkston

Meet Helena

I’m still takings leaps of faith, and trusting the journey. Hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike!

All proceeds from the sale of this mask help more women and girls ride bikes. The original art was featured in The Joy Campaign.

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