Time Is Tik-Tokking. We Have No More to Waste. Here’s What’s Working.

That’s a screenshot above from my latest TikTok, created last night at 11:30 pm. It’s already getting lots of play across social media platforms (see the end of this post to view it).

Time is tik-tokking and we don’t have any more to waste. What gets measured gets done, and I’m measuring (and not just the Width of a Prius, although that’s worth a look). As part of preparing my 1st quarterly report as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, I’m tracking stats, iterating on the fly, and both expanding and concentrating my efforts as I see what works best.

Here’s the short answer:

I don’t get millions of views and I haven’t gone totally viral yet (although this came close, with thousands of people reached all over the world, and I have high hopes for TikTok, which is off to a fast start). However, I reach so many more people than I would if I was simply showing up at my local city hall*. Join me!

In a nutshell, see below for what’s been most popular**.

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* Been there, done that — have had my lived and learned experience discounted once too often to see that as a sole effective use of the nonrenewable resource of my time. See Cone of Silence, as well as the following TikToks, for my take on that:

Ghost bike in Sandy Springs, GA memorializing a person on bike killed by a motor vehicle driver in April 2020
Too narrow, unprotected bike lane (one of many) in Metro Atlanta that doesn’t meet NACTO guidelines

** Note that this does not mean that a post that received just one view was not more effective, as that one person (maybe it was even you) could have taken an action as a result (and I continue to get emails that suggest this to be true on an ongoing basis). So never discount small efforts. They add up. You add up. Contact me if I can be of help in any way. My sole goal is to be effective.