Takin’ Another “Ten”

Am takin’ another ten days away from this blog. My new book ain’t gonna edit itself, and especially during this pandemic, it’s requiring a ridiculous amount of headspace this time. (I’ll swing back at the end of the month to do the three Cobb County stories.)

I will tell you this. The 18 days I just spent experientially researching and writing it, from first word to The End, were 18 of the best days I’ve had in a long time, where how I was expressing myself as a human being moving through space and time felt not only 100% authentic but also life-affirming. And that’s a little reminder to myself, and I am listening to it. You know, the whole trust the journey thing and all.

So, take care. See you soon. In the meantime, slow down. Don’t kill any people on bikes, please. And stop greenwashing things at city halls. Thanks.