Kickin’ Off Cobb!

Next up as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor in my month-by-month county-by-county coverage of good bikey things (according to this schedule) is Cobb County, GA, which I kicked off this week.

Several of my favorite rides are in Cobb County. One of them actually goes to places where you can support local businesses. There are other parts of the county I haven’t explored yet and I hope to ride in at least one new place. Fun fact: Cobb County is the only county in Metro Atlanta that has safe bike infrastructure directly next to the deadliest highway in the USA. Click here to see.

As usual, there will be 3 related posts (a general overview, a welcoming-to-all bike route, and a shine-the-light-on-someone profile).

I had two stunning rides this week under Interstate 285 (the deadliest highway in the USA) and Interstate 75, including the one mapped below with the always-interesting-and-inspiring Betsy Eggers, founder of the Peachtree Creek Greenway in Brookhaven, which, by the way, already has the best Model Mile in the region and is poised to eventually connect at least four cities — you can tour that virtually here (#9).

So, stay tuned! I’m also working a lot on my new book and that’s my priority.

Note: As I’ve shared previously, I will no longer attend any local meetings that don’t happen on a bike (and preferably one-on-one, especially during the pandemic). Those days are done.

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