Meet Kivonté

Meet Kivonté. He was Today’s Nice Stranger a couple of days ago. I met him after riding my bike to pick up a printed copy of a draft of my new book, Slow Duck Crossing, to give to one of my advisors for edits. He was fundraising for an organization named D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), which teaches students decision-making for safe and healthy living. See D.A.R.E’s national organization’s website here.

We had a very nice chat, for which I was grateful as that used to be an all-day everyday thing for me while doing research around Atlanta via bike, but it seems I have so few random conversations anymore so it means a lot to me when it happens.

If interested, you can see the photos of 190 other nice folks I met while Traveling at the Speed of Bike on my TodaysNiceStranger Instagram. Plus, if you like little stories, click here for a bit more about some of them. If you like longer stories resulting from planned interviews, check out my “Meet” series. If you like meeting people, just ride a bike.

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