Still Leaping! Stories Brewing

I’m still taking a leap of faith about my new book and working on final edits and the rest of the pitch package before submitting it. This is one of the locations that served as inspiration.

Upcoming posts on this blog and my other one are brewing. They possibly include:

  • The movement to reclaim and restore the name Blanktown to a neighborhood in Atlanta whose history got sidelined by developers;
  • A focus on DeKalb County this month as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, and a 6-month update (here’s the 3-month update);
  • The complications of expressing joy publicly as a person of privilege;
  • My next free bike class student (this Sunday!), and the awesome reason she wants to learn to ride a bike;
  • What happened after Mike and Betsy met (and why I believe in miracles);
  • A very nice surprise right here in the city I call home;
  • A Sharing Garden update!