DeKalb County

I’m almost six months in as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, by the way, and I’ve been tracking what I’m doing that has an impact and what doesn’t. (Short answer: a LOT is happening behind the scenes, and I seem to do best one-on-one with folks, and this blog helps to connect me in that way). I’ll do a six-month update at the end of April, after the next two upcoming global bicycle mayor meetings.

In the meantime, my scheduled county focus for April (per this schedule) is DeKalb County, which is where I live. Since past analytics show readership of my county overview posts to be lower than average for my blog posts, I’m not going to invest the significant pro bono time it takes to create them anymore. I’m just gonna dive in with spotlights on people making it more welcoming to ride bikes (see my Meet series here), and routes I create throughout Metro Atlanta specifically with women and girls in mind.

FYI, there are 21 cities in DeKalb County. Turns out I’ve already spotlighted numerous people and created welcoming bike routes in a handful of cities here. Enjoy.

Here are the stories about people in my Meet series who live in DeKalb County, Georgia:

Greg Masterson

Marjon Manitius

Betsy Eggers and Jack Honderd

Joe and Kathleen Seconder

Paige Metzger

Nadya Dhadiala

Maria Borowik

Mike Fluekiger

Here are my free, self-guided bike tours in DeKalb County cities:






That’s a wrap on DeKalb County. Next month (National Bike Month!), we go to Douglas County. Stay tuned!

*I was hoping to add a welcoming route in the City of Chamblee. Here’s why I’m not (for now).