Can You Help? UPDATED

UPDATE: This goal was met. Thank you for your generosity!

Hi. Last fall, and again recently, I taught numerous Pedal Power with Pattie classes (thanks to your purchase of my book) to two girls who are refugees-of-war in Clarkston, Georgia (the most diverse square mile in the USA — see self-guided bike tour here). My friend Betsy, her husband Jack, and a whole team of other people help them and the rest of their family (3 other siblings and their mother, who is ill) with all aspects of daily living.

They are currently preparing the girls to leave for camp next week and need stuff.

I offered to help in some way and was asked to see if anyone had anything from the list below to donate.

Nothing needs to be new, but it’s needed quickly so chances are some of the things will need to be bought. A couple of people have Venmoed me money, which I’ll pass on to the people doing the packing so they can purchase what’s still outstanding.

The surprising generosity of people donating money (only one of whom I know personally) makes me think maybe a couple more people will Venmo me as well (at Maybe even you, if you are able.

These girls, who fled the Democratic Republic of Congo and lived in a refugee camp before coming to the USA seven years ago, have lots of uphills ahead of them. They are both at the crossroads of changes that will impact their future. Summer camp has proven in the past to be helpful for them. They missed last year, of course, due to COVID.

If you can help Betsy, Jack, and a whole community get them to summer camp, I’ll meet them back on their bikes when they return. The younger girl had a bad fall recently (not during a class) and was scared to ride again. But she DID.

The older girl likes to play tennis (and shows a LOT of natural talent for it) so we’ve ridden bikes to the nearby public park and played a few times. I dug out my old racket from when I was her exact age! I used to ride to Wilson Park in Mineola, NY to play tennis with my friend or my dad (whom I saw last week for the first time since COVID). My hubby and I played there as well when we were dating.

Here’s what’s left on the list, if anyone is local to me within 10 miles of Dunwoody, Georgia, USA. I can pick stuff up today through Wednesday. (Contact me here to let me know.) Thank you for your help.

4 stuff-sacks for sleeping bags

8 blankets (twin or full bed size)

2 working athletic (water proof) watches that work easily

One battery-powered alarm clock

4 GOOD Durable rain ponchos (not the throw-away kind). Adult sized.

4 Draw-string or stretchy waisted women’s long pants —- nylon or quick-drying —- for hiking, size 8 or 10, petite if possible.

3 Small working flashlights with extra batteries

8 Adult medium fleeces (not cotton)