A Quick Hey

Just thought I’d pop in to say a quick hey. I’m finishing the second week of my six-week sabbatical from this blog and from advocacy work in general (although I do have a global bicycle mayor meeting tomorrow that I don’t want to miss, and I do continue to speak out about egregious greenwashing). A LOT is happening, but I’ll need to see where it all shakes out over the next few weeks before I share my findings and decisions. Let’s just say it involves Beta testing two new services; conversations from Costa Rica to Tasmania; a series of journalism research and pitches; and a whole lot of Traveling at the Speed of Bike (and rollerskating).

I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you, and I’m currently planning continuing with the following loose schedule in September as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor.

Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor Monthly Schedule*

           ~8 hours per week pro bono

Week 1: Research, write, publish a profile of someone making it more welcoming to ride bikes or otherwise occupy public space

Week 2: Create, share a welcoming route

Week 3: Encourage women/teen girls

Week 4: Promote/grow global bicycle mayor consortium (which includes both encouraging people to apply to become bicycle mayors and also creating global communications campaigns such as the Rolling Wave)

Ongoing: Connect/advise people as time allows. (See here for rates beyond available pro bono time.) (FYI, I attend no local meetings that don’t happen on a bike because they have proven to be a waste of my time. Five minutes on a bike = 10 years of indoor meetings as every need for immediate change** becomes clear when your life is on the line.)

See TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike.com for stories, resources, tips, and more.

*Note: Am on 6-week sabbatical until September 1

**Note: Not one person from my local city hall, nor their consultants or contractors, has ridden the length of that unprotected bike lane prior to, during, or after the recent ribbon cutting. I know this because there was, and continues to be, glass in it.

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