Find Out How to Become a Bicycle Mayor at This Meeting!

Are you already the unofficial “Bicycle Mayor” where you live? If so, don’t miss this 40-minute info meeting! Click here for date, time and to register for your free ticket. Only 13 available (a Baker’s dozen, of course).

About this event

Hi! Are you an independent catalyst in your county or city whose passion is encouraging others to ride bikes, and perhaps even advocating to make it more welcoming to do so? If so, you may be interested in applying to become part of the global consortium of 125 (and growing!) Bicycle Mayors with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS! Join this meeting to find out how. 

Meet current Bicycle Mayors here to see how wide a variety of people are already involved, and how we are working independently and collectively to make a positive difference in a world-at-a-crossroads. Note: a couple of our partnerships have been the joint statement across the Americas for World Remembrance Day 2020 and the global Rolling Wave across social media for World Bicycle Day 2021. BYCS also helped create the Bike to the Future exhibit at MODA, Atlanta’s Museum of Design as part of its global tour. See here for my first-person account of it, if interested. Next up: World Children’s Day September 20 — more than 100 global cities are already on board. Yours could be, too!

I’m the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor* (representing 10 counties and 70 cities with the intention to replace myself with truly local people in as many of those places as possible), and one of only six serving in this capacity in the USA. I’m in my tenth month of pro bono service in a two-year term — here is my 6-month executive summary, if interested; here is a sneak peek with what’s upcoming to round out my first year). Join me! (Fun fact: I decided to apply, with 12 endorsements from leaders throughout Metro Atlanta, after surviving a hit-and-run in the place I call home. If it is helpful to you, here are 11 tips following an assault while riding a bike.)

I invite you to spend some time here on You may find the free classes helpful for sharing with people who want to learn to ride a bike (including the first and only text-based, downloadable, and TikTok versions in the world!). You’ll also find welcoming routes, as well as inspiring stories about people making it more welcoming to ride bikes. Note I feature all four Canadian Bicycle Mayors, plus the New York City and Boston Bicycle Mayors AND our key contact at BYCS! You could be next!

If you can’t make this meeting or would prefer chatting one-on-one, please feel free to contact me

Trust the journey,

Pattie Baker

*Every Bicycle Mayor gets to determine their own areas of concentration. If interested, you can hear mine below:

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