We’re Kickin’ It Up Here!

Beeswax wraps. Bamboo cutlery. Sustainably-made outerwear. A really lovely selection of diverse books, including a gorgeous nonfiction scrapbook-style hardcover about the people behind our food, a girl-empowerment book, and a futuristic graphic novel about a world without water. Plus a menstrual cup that I think might make a great addition to the You Go, Girl toolkit so more girls around the world don’t miss school.

That’s just a sample of what we’re kickin’ it up here on Traveling at the Speed of Bike to road-test (if and when all these things arrive, per their PR people). Follow me so you don’t miss these reviews! There’s talk of a Holiday Gift Guide coming out first week of December (here was last year’s). . .


Complicated times. Simple solutions. See @pedalpowerwithpattie for tips and inspiration. #bike

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If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, you can already see the journey I take with each product. It typically starts when it arrives with an unboxing and initial reaction, either via a photo or original content I create on TikTok and amplify across social media platforms. Here are two examples:

If you are a PR person or company owner with global distribution and want to contact me to road-test your product or experience, see contact info here. My beats, in general, are sustainability, resiliency, climate crisis, organic farming and gardening, human-powered mobility, healthy living and non-toxic self-care, and joy-based public play such as rollerskating! I’m a microinfluencer with engagement rates averaging an impressive 4%, with frequent surges over 20%.

Please do not send a product unless I’ve agreed to try it. I’m super picky regarding sustainability attributes of products and I don’t want to waste your time or mine, or create unnecessary waste.

Note that in 2022, which is my second and final year as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor as part of a global consortium of 130 other bicycle mayors with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS*, I’ll be profiling up to 10 people around the world for FREE as part of my ongoing “Meet” series. They are still being determined. If you think it should be you, pitch me as to why. Each profile has a content creation value of $800, with a value exponentially beyond that (based on your amplification abilities) due to its shareable link.

Additionally, I’ll be continuing to create and curate the first global You Go Girl, toolkit to help more women and girls ride bikes. If you have free assets or resources to suggest as part of that effort, let’s connect.

Lots more is brewing as well. Big stuff. See here for more ways we can work together professionally.

As always . . .

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*If interested, see my Year 1 Executive Summary as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor here.