Tips as We Face New Bridges

We have bridges to cross, folks, and I can help your publication’s audiences on the journey!

Literally thousands of people all over the world have tapped in to the following tips-based blog posts here on Traveling at the Speed of Bike. I’ve gathered a bunch of them in one handy place for your convenience. There are many more across my numerous blogs (about riding bikes, growing food, and all other aspects of triple-bottom-line sustainability) since 2006 and in my professional portfolio as paid corporate, nonprofit and media assignments. There are also many lists of tips in my books (ALL proceeds are used to do good — thanks for your support).

I’ll keep adding to this list as I find them or convert them to shareable formats. I’m also creating some new ones* soon for The Ethel, The New York Times’ excellent Kids section, Bicycling, Outdoors and Momentum. If you think I should be writing for your publication or global site as well, please reach out. I am booking November – March right now (my CDC Foundation job as a Communications Specialist working exclusively with the State of Alaska Department of Health writing and project-managing the Healthy You in 2022 commissioner-requested campaign ends October 15).

Starting in late March 2023, I hope to continue with one or two select paid gigs (will it be yours?) while traveling the USA via bikes, buses, trains and WWOOFing on organic farms. I’m also working on my new book (of course), titled ‘Round America with a Duck** (name inspired by my fave book of all time, ‘Round Ireland with a Fridge).

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