Shout-Out to PR Folks

I get literally hundreds of requests from PR folks every single week to cover their clients’ stories or test their products. I am blown away by the growing number of companies and organizations and their products and services trying to make the world better. Thank you for all you do, and for thinking of me as a journalist and content creator covering triple-bottom-line success stories.

I used to reply to everyone, cover an occasional story that I simply could not resist (including previously as a monthly columnist for a major environmentally-focused newspaper and frequent feature writer for national magazines), test numerous products and read recommended books, and pop a TikTok up here and there. That upcycled ocean-plastic bike basket? I’m still ravin’ about that one (although it’s unfortunately not coming with me on my trip Round America with a Duck via bikes, buses, trains and working on organic farms as experiential research for my new book). The Kendeda Living Building? So close to my heart it hurts. (Note: I never publish guest posts or PR-agency-provided branded content on my blogs.)

My apologies for no longer replying personally to these requests. I simply do not have the time (unless you are looking to hire me at my hourly, per-word, or consultant rate*) as I’m finalizing trip preparations. I will, of course, be spotlighting many companies and organizations and testing products but I am choosing them very, very carefully and as authentic expressions of real needs and interests along the way. I’ll be sharing these carefully-curated winners. For instance, these. These I love. They are already road-tested and on the short list to come with me:

I will be issuing a media release about the journey soon. If you are interested in joining more than 30.5k others who’ve already tapped in to #RoundAmericaWithADuck, see here for ways to be involved.

Trust the journey,


*$150 an hour copywriting/$1 a word editorial (same prices since 1995, by the way, despite significant lived-and learned knowledge expansion)/$1000 an hour consulting for municipalities desiring to become more sustainable

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