Meet King

photo by Robyn Elliot, owner of Bicycle Tours of Atlanta

I had the opportunity to take a man named King Williams on the Sustainability-in-Action bike tour yesterday to share so many good things happening, and still yet possible, at this crossroads of change in our world. I specifically invited King because I’ve been impressed by the work he’s been doing and thought he might appreciate the spotlight I’m trying to shine on Atlanta, along with Bicycle Tours off Atlanta, about a wide range of timely topics.

Three-and-a-half hours and eleven miles later in 95-degree heat, we parted, having shared many hills (mostly downhill, gloriously!) and a-ha moments. We saw how the past and future connect, or could, and how Atlanta stands in a unique position to step into a true leadership role regarding economic, environmental, and equitable sustainability. And we had fun along the way.

These topics are not doom and gloom, folks. So many people and organizations are already achieving positive, visible results. And in physical examples of those who dare to dream, there is hope. And there is joy. And there is possibility for true historic greatness, yet again, right in front of us. Come see for yourself.

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