Sustainable leaders in action

photo credit: Robyn Elliott

So, more folks (in addition to Carolyn Rader* and King Williams*, who had come previously) joined us on our Sustainability-in-Action tours from Bicycle Tours of Atlanta last week:

We welcomed Dr. Jairo Garcia, the leader of the City of Atlanta’s Climate Action Plan and a professor of sustainable development at the Georgia Institute of Technology; Suzanne Haerther, a Program Manager at the U.S. Green Building Council; Sally Bethea, the Founder and retired Executive Director of the Chattahoochee Riverkeepers (who also lectures at Georgia Tech); Rachel Maher, the Marketing and Communications Manager at Park Pride; Celeste Burr, a Real Estate Specialist at Coca Cola; Maury Wolfe, the Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs at Cox Enterprises, and Ty Hodge who heads up the Cox Conserves Heroes program there; Nancy Sagar, the President of a sustainable and impact investment advisory firm named Brighter; Rita Thrasher, a descendent of the original Thrashers of Thrashersville (before Atlanta was even Terminus) and a bike education leader and special education teacher in the North Georgia mountains, and her daughter, Ava Thrasher, an aerospace engineering student at Georgia Tech; Pam Lasier, a Corporate Wellness Consultant and Change-Readiness Speaker, and Richard Fudge, a Yoga Instructor and Executive Coach.

photo credit: Robyn Elliott

Robyn Elliott, the owner and founder of Bicycle Tours Atlanta, joined us as sweep (and photographer) and all-around ensurer of a smooth experience, as well as host of our post-ride lunches for these two groups of seasoned sustainability-related professionals, whose input and suggestions I am taking to heart and using to inform continual improvements in this tour experience. There’s always more I want to learn and have available to share, based on the knowledge and interests of each particular group. More stories about individuals (especially at big corporations) who have “been the change” right here in Atlanta, causing ripple effects that are perhaps being felt around the world. More wow moments, sharing little-known facts or details that add up in surprising ways. More hands-on fun, where we’re not just listening but doing. More moments of human connection and infinite possibility for what’s yet to come in our city (and world) at a crossroads.

And so I continue riding, researching, and revealing the truths I discover about the abundance of good that’s right in front of us.

photo credit: Robyn Elliott

We’re offering the next one for your group on August 25. There’s even an introductory special. See here.

In the meantime, you may enjoy Nancy’s review of her Sustainability-in-Action experience (thank you, Nancy, for sharing this):


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