Leap of Faith

OMG, folks, since officially starting my service as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor just 22 days ago on November 1, my floodgates have flown open and positive stories are exploding in my email box and beyond. I can barely keep up. Bottom line? There is so, so much good happening close to home and around the world, even though it may not seem like that during these historically-tragic times.

I’m praying through my daily bike rides and Leaps of Faith that I can choose the stories to tell that will add up to make a measurable difference. Or at least lighten the load or bring some joy, even just a little bit, even just for one person, even just for a moment.

Small sample of stories to come:

  1. A bike shop that lent its entire fleet of bikes to essential workers during this pandemic, and what happened next;
  2. A school named after the Tuskegee Airmen, in an underserved community, that launched a family bike program;
  3. How Diana ended up getting her own bike, and a reminder of the magic that happens when you trust the journey.

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