Flag Series #7

I bear witness as a street photographer, usually while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. I cover lots of topics, including protests (although I’ve only been to two very small ones during COVID-19). I was at a corner in Downtown Atlanta at the Women’s March in 2017, which collectively was the largest protest march in the world. Here is my photo album from that day. For today’s Flag Series featured photo, I chose one of only two in the album with a flag in it (if you don’t count one guy’s red and white umbrella).

Turns out I completely missed the memo that there were Women’s Marches yesterday across the USA. I don’t know if there were any in Metro Atlanta. I taught a bike class to two girls instead. Maybe I helped increase their freedom in some small way.


Flag Series to Date

1. Times Square, New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare.
2. Santa Monica, California while riding Breeze bikeshare.
3. Mineola, New York while riding Schwinneola.
4. Atlanta, GA while riding Magic. (That’s the body of John Lewis arriving at the Georgia State Capitol.)
5. Boston, Massachusetts while riding Bluebikes bikeshare
6. Suwanee , Georgia while riding Attica
7. Atlanta, Georgia while riding Mulie

8. Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta, Georgia while riding Magic

9. New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare

10. Venice, California while riding Breeze bikeshare
11. Atlanta, Georgia while riding Relay bikeshare
12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while riding HealthyRide

13. Dunwoody, Georgia while riding Data

14. Stone Mountain, Georgia while riding Data

15. Atlanta, Georgia while riding Magic

16. Dunwoody, Georgia while riding Magic

17. New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare

18. Boston while riding BlueBikes bikeshare

19. Atlanta while riding Relay bikeshare

20. Atlanta while riding Magic

21. Atlanta while riding Relay bikeshare

22. Santa Monica, CA while riding my daughter’s bike

23. New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare

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