Flag Series #23 (The Finale)

I’m featuring selections from my street photography album ( taken while Traveling at the Speed of Bike) that include American flags each day up until (and including) Election Day. Here’s the twenty third (and final one). Just like the first one that kicked off this series, I took it in New York City. I was riding Citibike bikeshare.

We have two options today for the future of the United States. Two very different Americas. I am a second-generation American. My husband’s and my grandparents immigrated from six different countries and practiced three different religions. With the exception of when I’m riding my bike, I have never been made to feel like I didn’t belong. That is not the reality for many Americans today.

I vote in every local, state, and national election (usually, of course, while Traveling at the Speed of Bike). If you are eligible to vote and you have not yet done so, I ask that you take the time to make your voice and choice known today. It matters. You matter.

I will continue to bear witness as a street photographer. I will continue to speak truth to power (and to help redefine what power actually is). I will continue to believe in a better tomorrow, and to take action to make it so. And I will continue to trust the journey.


Flag Series to Date

1. Times Square, New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare.
2. Santa Monica, California while riding Breeze bikeshare.
3. Mineola, New York while riding Schwinneola.
4. Atlanta, GA while riding Magic. (That’s the body of John Lewis arriving at the Georgia State Capitol.)
5. Boston, Massachusetts while riding Bluebikes bikeshare
6. Suwanee , Georgia while riding Attica

7. Atlanta, Georgia while riding Mulie

8. Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta, Georgia while riding Magic

9. New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare

10. Venice, California while riding Breeze bikeshare
11. Atlanta, Georgia while riding Relay bikeshare
12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while riding HealthyRide

13. Dunwoody, Georgia while riding Data

14. Stone Mountain, Georgia while riding Data
15. Atlanta, Georgia while riding Magic

16. Dunwoody, Georgia while riding Magic

17. New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare

18. Boston while riding BlueBikes bikeshare

19. Atlanta while riding Relay bikeshare
20. Atlanta while riding Magic

21. Atlanta while riding Relay bikeshare

22. Santa Monica, CA while riding my daughter’s bike

23. New York City while riding Citibike bikeshare