With Thanks to Be Able to Serve as Your Bicycle Mayor

As promised, here is my upcoming week’s intended schedule re: the eight pro bono hours I am asked to dedicate weekly to serving as the Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor (for which I am particularly thankful during this Thanksgiving week). (Okay, truth, I gave more hours than that in November. ) Reminder: this is an independent, unpaid position where I do not have to observe any sacred cows and am free to tell the rubber-hits-the-road truth. If you believe you can do a better job or could work in concert with me, please contact me as one of my three goals is to encourage at least five other people to apply to become Bicycle Mayors of their specific Metro Atlanta cities or counties.

So, this upcoming week in Bike Mayorsville, I have a few interviews to conduct, a few stories to write, and a lot of hands-on research — I may even do the Brookhaven Bike Alliance’s Thankful Ride! (Additional note: I have two words for suburbia and those are: Rucker Road — stay tuned for the story!). Plus, I’ll do a wrap-up of my kickoff month’s focus on a Metro Atlanta overview, with an eye toward December’s focus on the City of Atlanta (and then county-by-county, month-by-month, alphabetically, according to this schedule).

Plus, Friday is the next monthly Zoom meeting (my 2nd!) of all 105 Bicycle Mayors around the world (here’s my post after the first one I attended, prior to the beginning of my service). I’ve already gotten friendly with a few of them so this is fun (and I’ve always believed having fun makes reaching goals easier). Plus, like, I’m apparently heading up a global art project. So, there’s that.

I also have SIX miles to go to hit my annual riding goal of a ton of miles!!!!!

SO, as Willy Wonka says so eloquently (with the snap of his cane) — Yes; Good; On we go!

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